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Insurance Warning

98% of travel insurance will not help you when you are volunteering work. Volunteering is classed as "work" and accidents, damage or stolen property is not covered during volunteering. Search our database for a reputable company that is gogin to cover you when you need it.

Volunteer to Volunteer has moved to

Volunteer Africa Free a volunteer website run by me focusing on African Volunteer programs.

We are going upmarket! See you in the tent!!

Welcome to volunteer2volunteer

– an information hub for free volunteer abroad programs

First off, this site is strictly a non profit endeavour.

The site was created due to the frustration of a number of my friends at not being able to find free (or even close to free) volunteer work abroad even though they had spent many hours investigating, researching, and chasing possible leads.

This to me seemed to be an incredible waste of opportunity and resource.

I have worked abroad on four different projects, three of which were volunteer positions. In each case I have also found it very challenging to find good opportunities to work abroad. When you search for terms such as “volunteer overseas”(210,000 hits in google), “volunteer abroad” (323,000 hits in google), or “volunteer Africa” (340,000 hits in google) you are immediately drowned with ‘middle men’, ‘volunteer brokers’, and programs using ‘volunteers as funding opportunities’.

With professionals and business dominating internet searches for volunteer abroad programs it is very hard to find good volunteer programs – that you are not charged an arm and a leg to become a part off (see the article on why most ‘volunter programs’ cost money)

By volunteers sharing with other volunteers their experiences, hints, and leads, volunteers and would be volunteers, can help each other overcome these barriers.

VISION: That each person is empowered to be the change that they want to see in the world

GOAL: To provide links to free (and as much as possible) evaluated volunteer abroad opportunity’s

YOUR ROLE: Please link to this site, and please pass the site address onto others who may be interested. This will help raise us in the search engine results. PLEASE comment on any organisation we list that you have had an experience with (positive or negative).

If you would like to add an organisation to the database ‘leave a reply’ at the end of the page with a description of what you know about the organisation, and a link to their web-page and I will add it on.

Regards to all,

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